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Kidnapped the aliens that have been advanced to the solar system!

This app is a collection type game.
Aliens to the collection of rich individuality.
I caught them and sent to concentration camps of the earth, I want the punishment.


The departure of the solar system and the stars to the rocket, we specify the time to find the alien.
Time you are looking for I am only just wait.
Who sent me the alien rocket caught on a regular basis.
Studying, or working, or eating, or sleeping Gusuka a while, try to remember that many things in this app.
Please try again up and be reminded of this app. In the camp should have caught many aliens.
Aliens are cute, ugly alien, aliens lot.
They are 30 kinds in all.
Some are a lot of things that are close to a month, I'm also a rare alien not only to Neptune much.
Let them all collections.

Alien who has been kidnapped by the "burnable"
Aliens burn will change, such as metal and gemstones, we shall be redeemed on the development costs of the rocket.
There are various types of rocket.
Emphasis on speed, and focus on combat.
The choice is yours to develop a rocket.

Camp in the basement of the alien who has been kidnapped by the "low can"
Alien dropped is rocket fuel for energy.
I suck the bone.

[Not lose!]
Aliens have attacked the rocket.
Reckless in search of low-level rocket So I should refrain.
It's supposed to rework it is also rocket development, and would be destroyed.

And, in this way,
What do you do with alien abduction?
The direction of the development of the rocket?
Which Star Are you looking for how much time the alien?
It is an app that becomes important, such as your choice.

Game left a little difficult as a collection? Messy?
No, it is not such a thing.
I think I'm afraid there is challenging.
Because it is free, I hope you get your first pick.


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