Alien Bottle Buccaneer
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Publisher N/A presents Alien Bottle Buccaneer™!


Our Hero, "Nanny" and his loyal pet Guaca the Parrot, travel from planet to planet saving, helping & of course babysitting little aliens in every corner of the Universe!

In his latest quest for Galactic treasure, Nanny came into contact with some very sensitive information involving a mystical and top-secret planet in need of help called "The Planet Earth". It has been said that this Blue Planet in the Milky Way Galaxy is in big trouble due to overusing their resources and well, NOT RECYCLING as much as they should be.

Nanny had never heard of "Recycling" before. Unfortunately, somewhere in the Alien to English translation the definition for "Recycling" was not quite accurate because instead of collecting the glass bottles it was explained to use BIG BOUNCY balls to VAPORIZE them!

Help our Nanny to "RECYCLE" all the glass bottles and "SAVE" The Planet Earth!


Fun aim and tap physics based action game! Carefully slide your finger to properly position the aim icon then release your finger to fire the bouncy ball and vaporize all the bottles and gems. Try to eliminate all 5 bottles on each level before you run out of balls. Use Guaca the Parrot and cannon balls when possible to help you clear each level!

- 25 bottle smashing fun levels! 25 more coming soon in Level Pack #2
- Additional Bonus Level unlocked by collecting 3 gems on each level.
- Super-Awesome Retina Graphics… pure eye candy!
- Featuring our new character Guaca, the crazy pet parrot!
- Great physics based gameplay! Test your bouncing skills.

* Free Future Updates – Many More Levels!
Have fun & start playing NOW!

We appreciate all our players!
Thanks for your support!
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