Alien Up
Genre Action -> Arcade
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Date N/A
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Date N/A
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Alien Up

Alien Up comes with some great game shoot the Alien high up concept. You need to tap and shoot bubbles to hit the alien and make him stay afloat on the screen. If you fail to keep him high up, game ends.

The game has five modes:

Free Play : Push the Alien as high as possible, use power-ups, collect coins and soar higher. Complete the missions like, Survivor, Limited score and Waste of Money.

Versus : Push the Alien using the ball towards your opponents side and make it cross the red line. Check the power-gage to check the strength.

Arcade mode : You need to push the alien high in the air as far as possible. You get 30 seconds to do this and an amazing array of power ups.

Higher Mode : You get 200 balls to fire at the alien, shoot it and go as high as possible with the limited supply of ball. Ensure to sharpen your aim and collect the power –ups.

Rapid-Finger : Tap over the 2 monster bazooka’s to shoot as many monster balls within 25 seconds. Watch out your opponent is ready to attack you. Its really a tough challenge.

Get the Alien going now.
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