AlphaSwap Deluxe - The MMO Word Game
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***** An Exciting Mixture of Scrabble, Boggle, & Word Search *****

Alphaswap is a original word game that combines the elements of scrabble, boggle, and word searches into a fast paced game for one to thousands of players!

Play vs. The World - Single players can play against other single players in a massive game where everyone is getting the same board/letters. May the best man/women/child win! Final score and rankings are shown.

Play solitaire offline to sharpen your skills.

Play friends in head to head games via gamecenter.

Multi-Language support - Play in English, French, German, or Spanish

Social Universe integration - Facebook and Twitter posting

Hotseat - Play 2-4 people on one device!

AlphaSwap Rules

1. The Board uses all 26 letters of the alphabet in the perimeter boxes. Within the inner 9 boxes, it uses random common letters.

2. There are 3 rounds in the game. Each round is 3 minutes long.

3. Each round consists of:
90 second Letter Swap stage.
90 second Word Submit stage.

4. Score is cumulative over 3 rounds.

Letter Swap Stage

Players are given two types of Letter Swaps to use to switch letters on the board.

Swap ANY - Players may swap any two letters.

Swap ADJACENT - Players may swap any two adjacent letters.

Player may use ANY, ALL, or NONE of their swaps. The amount of swaps varies by round.
Round 1: (3) Swap Any & (3) Swap Adjacent. (1) Random Letter is worth 2x normal value.
Round 2: (4) Swap Any & (4) Swap Adjacent. (1) Random Letter is worth 3x normal value.
Round 3: (5) Swap Any & (5) Swap Adjacent. (1) Random Letter is worth 2x normal value & (1) Random Letter is worth 3x normal value.

Word Submit Stage

Players are given 90 seconds to find and submit words to score.

Spell out words by touching letters on the board and then use the SUBMIT button to score the word.

To CLEAR a partially or misspelled word, don't submit it! Simply TOUCH a letter already used & lit up to clear the entire word.

Words can be spelled forward, backwards, up, down, or diagonally, but must stay in one direction. Letters must be on consecutive squares in that direction.

A word may only be scored once PER GAME, whether it appears more than once or is a palindrome(noon, radar, etc).

Players may submit as many words as they find in the time allowed.

Submitting an ILLEGAL WORD scores negative 25 points and immediately ENDS TURN.

A Unique Word Scoring Formula that is simple yet play balanced.
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