Amazing Slam Machine
Genre Action -> Arcade
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AMAZING SLAM MACHINE (FREE): This machine is a real challenge for those who have already tried similar applications. It has new and unique elements such as hand blocker and a spider that sits on the rim. It's a 3d game; physics and simulation are unmatched thanks to unity. Download it and enjoy it if you have enough free time because it's addictive.
The game saves all your performance statistics: Goals, Clean Shots, Outs, Hoop Hits, Shots and Average Time. With Game Center you can share them with your friends.
There are 6 different types of balls:
1. Normal Ball: This is the normal ball, use it to practice and make money
2. Auto Recover Ball: If this ball lands outside the machine, it will return to your hands for free
3. Three Returns Ball: This ball gives you three opportunities, no matter where it falls
4. Five Returns Ball: This ball gives you five shots, no matter where it falls
5. Bat Ball: This ball has bat wings, it blocks the hand
6. Anti Spider Winged Ball: This ball has bat wings and spider repellent. It goes through the blocking hand.
Skull Hand:
The hand is activated in order to block a good shot and make you waste your time.
The Spider:
This spider sits in the rim and only dies with two shots or using the Anti Spider Winged Ball.
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