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★ 8 cute time games/6 cartoon clocks/4 difficulty levels
★ AM/PM automatically background/ 12 hour format/ 24 hour format
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Walk up! Walk Up! Play and learn with Mr. Wolf!
Mr. Wolf will not catch you, he will teach you:

1.The concept of Second, Minute, Quarter, Hour, Day, Week, Month, Year, AM and PM, and you can touch to fee it after the time animations;
2.Set the time on an analog clock and touch the red button to finish it ;
3.Set the time on a digital clock and touch the red button to finish it;
4.Finish the clock puzzles;
5.Stop the clock by clicking the red button;
6.Match the analog clock with digital clocks;
7.Match the digital clock with analog clocks;
8.Sort the clocks by time sequence;

And, Amazing Time support:
1.English/French/German/Spanish languages;
2.6 different cartoon clocks;
3.4 levels;
4.12 hour format or 24 hour format.

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