Angry Girlfriend Fast Food Race - Hangry?
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Race your car all over town collecting fast food for your girlfriend in the middle of the night. Has your girlfriend ever been HANGRY? You know, so hungry she's angry. Well then you know exactly how this guy feels. It's late at night and his girlfriend wants something to eat and FAST! You're about to step into some real racing here. Buckle up and hold on for this crazy high speed ride!

Race your car at top speed and get fast food for your girlfriend...

Tons of LEVELS to keep you entertained!
Collect various fast food items to score points.
Collect gas to keep your car going.
Don't hit the other cars.
Use TURBO to go FAST!
Get stuck on a hard level? Use Level Skips!
Race for TOP SCORE against all your Facebook friends!
Challenge your Friends to beat your Score!
Post your scores directly to Facebook!

Racing cars at top speed is your hobby. And your girl wants food. You may as well take out the convertible and get that fast food as quickly as possible! You get to have fun and you get to keep your girl happy as well. Win Win! This is some real racing we're talking about here. A road trip you'll never forget. So get out there and hit the asphalt. This is the stuff legends are made of. You will even race offroad on some levels. What are you waiting for. You have that need for speed. Do something about it!

Angry Girlfriend Fast Food Race
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