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Ever wished the picture you’ve drawn to become alive? The butterflies to go flying, the starts start to winkle, the deer jump and the balloons fly away? Now it’s possible! Pick any toy – just drag and drop it in the desirable spot to create a scene… and watch what happens next!

Wonderful alloy of simplicity and entertainment - even tiny tots can effectively play with this app.
That's fun - create a picture as you wish, and watch the toys spring to life in many different ways in the process of composing it!

There are more than 150 toys in total, and 10 cosy backgrounds for endless play:

All the 4 Seasons:
- Summer - with its colourful butterflies and rushy dragonflies;
- Autumn - with golden leaves and bare trees - add flowers from Spring, snow flakes from Winter or juicy fruits from Garden to create new amazing trees - up to your or your kid's wishes;
- Winter with magic snowflakes - you will be amazed to see their intelligence! - and funny jumping snowmen;
- Spring with bright Easter Eggs, tulips and daffodils.

There is Garden set with yummy apples, cherries, pears and oranges - and with green trees to hang the fruits (or flowers, or bird houses) on!

Apart the Moon, Night brings you winkling stars and funny fire flies.

There are toys for Holidays and special occasions:

- Halloween - with its howling ghosts, laughing witches, jumping skeletons and gleaming jack-o-lanterns;

- Christmas with its gingerbread folks, Christmas ornaments and deer;

- Party with real balloons always trying to fly away and funny hats, which can be worn on snowmen or cookie kids...

- and we are always happy to add more toys - just let us know your preferences!

- Expand the play area by hiding the pane with the toys!
- Save your masterpiece to Gallery to enjoy the live scene any time afterwards!
- No rules and no timers means no stress for your kid;
- Parental control and no in-apps means no stress for you.


Explore the app to relieve its secrets:
- What can the skeletons do? Is there anything they can carry? And cookie kids? And snowmen?
- Who can prevent balloons from flying away?
- What happens if you place a snow flake in the sky? On a tree? On the ground? On the snowman’s hat? And what about butterflies? Dragonflies? Fire flies?
- Who turns out to be faster – the girl or the deer? And next time?

Animagnets is designed for free creative play and promises hours of fun for you and your kids. What is more, it allows you to play together with your little ones and teach them a lot about the nature, the seasons and Holidays!

For older kids the app offers rich opportunities in development of imagination and fine motor skills - there is a video tutorial showing the best way of how to rotate and resize our toys.

This app has grown up from our ABC Magnetic Board serving for educational purposes; it has been inspired by our animated puzzles apps loved by kids of all ages.
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