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The only app of its kind to teach children about animal homes and habitats in a very innovative way.

Animal Homes is an app where kids are a part of a rainforest or a farm and they are learning about animals and their homes while playing and following the story of the app.

A whirlwind hits the rainforest. All the baby animal run helter-skelter for protection. In doing so the baby animals get lost and hide behind the closest protective place. The kids have to first find these hidden baby animals. Then they have to take them home where their mamas are waiting for them. When the baby animal is taken to the right home, a cute video of the mama and baby animal reuniting will be played.

In the process of finding the hidden animals the kids are improving their focus and concentration.
In taking them home the kids are learning about the different houses of different animals.

Similarly a storm hits a farm. The children will be shown a cute animated video of the storm and baby animals running helter-skelter. The kids have to then find the hidden baby animals and take them home to their mamas.

There are hints to show where each animal is supposed to be placed. Lots of cute videos and funny animations for kids to have fun and learn at the same time.

List of Animals and their homes:

Rain Forest

1.Bat - Cave
2.Tiger - Cave
3.Owl - Tree Hole
4.Mole - Burrow
5.Fish - Water
6.Ant - Ant Hill
7.Hippo - Land & Water
8.Flamingo - Land & Water
9.Panda - Bamboo Trees
10.Crabs - Rocks
11.Crocodile - Water & Land
12.Chimpanzee - Trees

1.Bees - Hive
2.Rabbit - Hutch
3.Pigs - Sty
4.Cow - Shed
5.Horse - Stable
6.Sheep - Pen
7.Chicken - Coop
8.Dog - Kennel
9.Frog - Lily Pad
10.Duck - Land & Water

We will be adding more habitats and animals soon. Please write to us if you want your children's favourite animal to be added. Your ratings and reviews will help us to come out with Animal Homes Part 2 faster.

We are always looking for suggestions for improvements. If you have anything to say you can always drop us an email.

We take privacy very seriously and we don't collect or store any personal data. 
You can review more privacy-related information at
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