Animal Ludo - Fly Chess
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Ludo is a popular board and dice game. Animal Ludo uses cartoon animals as pieces and oasis as game background, also it's important that it improves the old ludo game on rules and many other aspects.

* Many animal pieces you can choose.
* Team competition, a piece can push its teammates forward.
* Smarter AI design.
* You can play with 3 friends at most and it's all FREE!

Game Rules:
* Each player have 4 pieces in their base at beginning.
* Each player takes a turn by rolling the dice.
* Each piece in the base only can be moved on the dice points that selected before game starting.
* Roll the dice in durn to move each piece around the map.
* If a piece lands on a grid in its color, it will jump to the next grid with the same color.
* A piece can push other pieces back to base if they are in different team.
* A team win when all its pieces get to the center base firstly.
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