Animal Match for Kids
Genre Strategy -> Puzzle
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Match them all and Test your Memory!
This is a card educational game tailor made for kids of all ages to exercise and test memory with great fun. All together 18 levels, leveling up from very easy for kids, to very challenging for adults, it is a good Memory game suitable for all the families, especially good for teaching kids to learn the rich and colorful animal world. Play it together with your kids will help you become closer friend with your kids with lots of fun.

Cards with different images of cute animals are laid out in a grid face down; players will be given a chance to see the overall layout of all cards. The object is to match all pairs of cards.
Take turns flipping pairs of cards over. If the two cards match, the two cards are removed from the game, and the player gets another turn. If they do not match, the cards are turned back over. Different levels will be given different number of steps for the matching. If you can't finish all matches within the limited steps, the game will be over.

You'll get addictive to this game. Enjoy yourselves!
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