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Learning to write the names of animals has never been easier.

An educational and recreational application for kids with progressive levels of difficulty
How many animals do they know? Do they know how to write all their names?

★ 65 Animals illustrated
65 Animals illustrated, animals will no longer be an enigma for your children.
• Mammals
• Birds
• Reptiles
• Fish
• Insects

★ 5 Levels of difficulty
As the game progresses, letters disappear (two missing letters, then 3, then 4).

• Level 1: Start by learning the names of animals with one missing letter.
• Level 2: With two missing letters
• Level 3: With three missing letters
• Level 4: With four missing letters
• Star Level: Level for small experts. All letters are missing; names of animals are to be rewritten without the help of parents

★ 120 Levels
120 levels to learn how to write the names of animals

★ Missing letters are randomly defined
Thousands of different combinations

★ 7 Languages ​​to discover animals
"AniWords" is also an application to discover the names of animals in other languages:
English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch etc

An Okiwibook application
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