Apocalypse Clash City Free : A Cyberpunk Clan War Death Race game
Genre Action -> Arcade
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Conflict has risen all over the world, World War III has been devastating, soldiers were at war everywhere, it was a war that nobody could win. Government and civilisation has collaspe, riots started in every major cities around the globe, mankind is doomed. The world is now just a wasted land.

There is still hope, good people has gathered and regroup in camps far from the conflicts.

You are one of thoses people still believing that there is a way to save humanity. But to survive you need to bring to the camps food, fuel and ammo to defend yourself.

Merciless road warriors formed clans, they want the same thing as you, but for differents reasons, instead of helping and protecting people, all they want is more power to crush everyone in their path.

You need to stop them at all cost to save what is left of humanity !!
Keep going as far as you can, collect as many gaz tank, ammo boxes and ration packs, with this you might be able to get new cars to help you on your never ending race to save the world.

Control your car with your finger, so you just need to worry about getting what you need to survive against those damn merciless riders.

Collect ammo boxes, fuel tank and ration pack to gain more points to unlock a total of 10 vehicles, 3 motorcycles and 7 cars, all well equipped to survive the war death race.

A wide variety of enemies will stand in your way, avoid them, the important is to survive !

★ 7 different cars and 3 motorcycles available
★ Random gameplay assure a new game every time you play

★ 100% free game with ads

★ Possibility to remove ads and unlock all vehicles with our in app purchase

★ This game is perfect for children's all age and adults too!

★ With Game Center integration you will always be able to track your score !

★ Try to beat your own score, or those of thousands of others players all around the world. See who can help mankind survive by racing.

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