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Apodemus is hungry! Help him eat all the glowing cheese while avoiding glow in the dark snakes and cats with glowing eyes. Drag your finger to project your touch into the 3D world. Apodemus will chase your finger as you move, lighting up the passages with a cool green glow. Drag a finger on-screen without lifting for continuous camera chasing action. Use a combination of speed and strategy to beat the levels. Running speed is determined by the distance between the mouse and your finger. Cats are lazy and only attack close range. Snakes can only see in front of them and will chase after you if they see you. You can hide around corners or sneak up behind them. Remember the layout and escape routes and try to not get cornered. Snakes are a little short sighted so staying away from them will help to evade them when you run around a corner. Levels are generated and are different every time.
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