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AquaFish game allows coloring moving fish inside Aquarium.

This game offers different pictures of fish inside aquarium to paint helping a user to experiment with creativity


Good background music. 
Choose to fill color from single color fill box and shaded color fill box.
Good variety of picture keeps kids engaged.
Unique cartoon character associated with each color.
Good animation technique to fill the picture with color.
Allow to fill the color with 2 different ways either by directly clicking on picture or by using Hint features available inside application Menu.
Multi-language support 
Multi functionality MENU.
Allow user to save the colored picture.

Application has two sets of color available

1) Single color set

2) Shaded color.

First click on any set of color box to enlarge it and then select the appropriate color from color box, click on part of the picture to fill it with chosen color.application use very good animation, There is no restriction in the game to color any particular portion of the picture; you can experiment with different colors.

Functionality of MENU

Home: Will take you back to main screen at any point of time. You can then choose another picture.

Reset: Button will clear all the color filled in any particular picture and allow user to do the painting activity again.

Help: Will take you to the Help screen which will provide needed help on the Application.

Snap: Will save the picture which you have just colored.

Album: will show you the picture which you have saved by using Snap button.

Hint: if you are facing difficulties filling color on any part of picture, Hint is is the tool which can ease your on click on Hint tool and you can have numbers of button available on screen.each button is associated with unique part of picture. Then choose the color and instead of clicking directly on picture click on available button on screen and it will fill the color on associated part of picture.


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