Arc Ball
Genre Action -> Arcade
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Arc Ball is a game based on simple mechanics and reminding retro arcade games like Pong and Breakout / Arkanoid. It is like old school tennis in your pocket. Use your paddle to bounce the ball and try to curve it which will make game easier to win. Try to get as much points as you can by bouncing the ball and breaking bricks. Powerups like 'wall of bricks' or points can help you to achieve higher score and even if block is empty it still gives you some extra points. So get our game right now and brake as much bricks as you can!

Your support will be of great value to us. We wanted to release Arc Ball as soon as it was playable and gather opinions about our pocket tennis from the players.

Our goal is to create something from Gamers and for Gamers. So we want to involve YOU in the process of making this game.

Feel free to leave comments or contact us via e-mail. We have plans and ideas for future Arc Ball updates so stay tuned and be the breaker of the bricks!

Arc Ball Team
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