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Somewhere in the depths of the Pacific Ocean…
Captain Nemo stands by a large wooden crate in the center of the cargo hull of the Nautilus. "By thunder!" he mumbles for himself, "he did it!" He circles the crate once more, with a satisfied grin. Then pulls a telegraph paper from his pocket :

"Dear Captain Nemo,

The solution to the problem we discussed on the Nautilus deck is finally in your hands. I hope the assembly of this rather funny contraption did not cause concerns. As you requested, I built an alternative source - therefore, when Nautilus is on the surface, the engine will use fossil fuels. When submerged, the engine will lend a negligible amount of electricity from your ship's batteries.

Until we meet again,
Your friend,

Nikola Tesla"


If you ever wondered how great men in history enjoyed their free time, the answer is now presenting itself in its awesome and intricate glory. Complicated pipe systems, regulator valves, pistons, gears and steam, rare metals discovered by infamous navigators, strange anomalies, decommissioned train steam-whistles, pressure tanks, time manipulators, argon lamps, brass, copper, glass pressure gauges and wood, all mixed together in a mysterious arrangement and everything done with passion out of affection for a good friend.

Imagine yourself enjoying hours of relaxing gameplay, with simple but ever increasingly challenging mechanics.

Over 395 levels of steampunk awesomeness awaits to reward you with navigator ranks! Do you want to be a Seaman? Or maybe a Captain? A Petty Officer 1st Class or a Warrant? Tap your way through the levels and you can become a Fleet Admiral!

Share with your friends on Twitter, Facebook and Challenge them to out-rank you using GameCenter Challenges!

Challenge yourself to hit the center of the targets like a true seaman! Bulls' eye trough complicated traps spinning and humming above the targets!

Version 1.0

-Campaign mode (complete all the levels to unlock all rank achievements)
-Game Center
-Awesome graphics - designed for retina devices


iOS 6 and up

Best played on Retina devices. Works on iPad 2, the new iPad with Retina display, iPad mini.

Please note:

Log in Facebook and Twitter prior to using these features in Arcadia Engine.
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