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Horrible zombies launch an attack again! Are you ready to fight? The Assaulter-Survivor is a shooting game perfectly combining battlefield firing with epic defense elements.

What zombies have brought is not only destroy of a peaceful world, but also an opportunity for those unscrupulous thugs to take advantage of, and people suffer unspeakably. And you are the last survivor in the legend. It is only you can save the world, and only you are people's last hope.

As the protagonist of the game the protagonist, you are standing on a high round, to defend the defense position under his or her feet and to kill the approaching enemies round after round. Some enemies holding swords and shields can be slashed when they are approaching near and thus are called enemies for the close quarters battle; some holding bazookas or other weapons and hiding in the distance continue to fire bullets are called enemies for the remote quarters battle; others are taken their own bodies as human bombs. Even when the night comes, the enemies killed by the protagonist will change into zombies by mysterious forces and violently attack against the battlefield again. Only when the game player destroys all the enemies within the round can he or she succeed in passing the round.

★500 rounds allows you to stage your own battle legend at any time! All rounds are different from each other, allowing you to experience thrilling adventures.
★21 kinds of guns are available for you , making you battle easier and relaxing!
★Use the visual illusions resulting from different height of the picture to make the battle scene present a full range of three-dimensional effect.
★The character can shoot from arbitrary angle and defeat enemies from any direction.
★The cross-linked and interlocked weapon system allow you to have more choices .
★Various skills with different properties provide you with enough awesome firepower.
★Special effects in battlefield with gorgeous lighting bring you visual enjoyment as if you were on the scene.
★Changes of day and night scenes and a variety of types of enemies joining make you have more fun in the game.
★Many types of super bosses brings you more exciting game rhythms.

Are you brave and confident enough to be the last survivor? Assaulter-Survivor, let us fight together, you will be the war hero to be worshiped by all the people!
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