Asteroids & Planets Clash - A Space Shooting Saga PRO
Genre Action -> Adventure
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Date N/A
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The exciting PRO version has more spacecraft & Amazing Power-Ups.
Kill more asteroids and collect more coins with 10x warp-speed power-ups that
will blast you through space for that full arcade realism.

Asteroids & Planets Clash - A Space Shooting Saga is an intense space mission that you must accept. As the only pilot capable of such a dangerous mission, you must stop all asteroids and planets from crashing into Earth.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

** Avoid everything that's flying towards you,
but look out, they come from everywhere in space!

** Collect the cash to upgrade to more powerful spacecraft.

** Pitch your flying skills against your friends and try to beat their score.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

A fast-action, shooting, space-flyer that will test your reflexes to the max!

Buckle up pilot, you're in for one hell of a ride!
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