Athletes Arena
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Athlete's Arena in a unique RPG where you experience the life of a professional athlete. You can do pretty much anything an athlete can do! For example, you can partake in over 10 different events with 3 different levels each, get sponsors, take drugs and more! 

The game is based on a week by week basis, on each week you can either train, participate in an event or go shoot an advertisement for a sponsor.

The free version will let you play up to 13 weeks but the in-app purchase will let you play forever. 

To get sponsors, you need to have a high reputation and you will get sponsors based on your "star level", which is how pro you are. Your star level increases when you get medals and your reputation increases whenever you place in an event. Your reputation will also go down when you do things frowned upon (eg take drugs).

Sponsors will give you bonus money for placing and medaling as well as for shooting ads. You will need to shoot ads every 13 weeks and keep your reputation over a certain amount to keep the sponsors happy. 

For each event, there will be 3 levels: local, national and international. To qualify for the next level you will need to place in the top 3 of the previous level. In the internationals you will get medals where you can keep in your trophy cabinet. 

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