Attack of the Mecha Bugs
Genre Action -> Arcade
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Date N/A
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☆ Attack of the Mecha Bugs! ☆

● Classic arcade 8bit style gameplay
● Tons of upgrades!
● Insane power ups!
● Sabotage power ups!
● Boss fights!
● Native iPhone 5 support!

★ Defend Your Sweets! ★

The Mecha Bugs are invading and it's up to you to keep them from taking all the sweets!

☆ Classic Arcade Style in 8bit! ☆

Attack of the Mecha Bugs is a classic arcade style shooting game. Take control of your cannons, and use special attacks to crush those bugs!

★ 50 Waves of Bugs ★

These bugs will stop at nothing to destroy your barrier. Can you survive all 50 waves?

.。.:*・゚ WARNING! *・゚。:.*

The Mecha Bugs are STRONG! Don't let their cute appearance fool you! They will be stronger and faster as the game gets going!


Yup. Boss fights. AND.. they shoot MISSILES!

★ Tons of Upgrades ★

The bugs are not the only one that gets tougher. Show them who's the bigger boss by upgrading your cannons or increasing your barrier's defense!

☆ Random Power-Ups ☆

Random power-ups occurrence that could change the outcome of the battle!

Use everything you have to defend against the Attack of the Mecha Bugs.

Be warned though, rumor has it that there are some really HUGE bugs out there...

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