Attacking Birds vs Scared Piggies Free
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The life of Mr. Piggie is in your hands. Birds are really pissed off at Piggies and preparing a massive raid attack on Mr Piggie. Now, everything is up to you. Avoid attacking Birds by tilting your iPhone. Red Bird, Blue Bird and Green Bird are falling down from the sky to get you. Take advantages of Bonus Items like Bird's Egg, Chicken Leg and Star Shield to gain more lives and to become invulnerable.

Attacking Birds vs Scared Piggies is a fun, addictive online ranking game you can enjoy with your families and friends for this Holiday Season. Compete with your friends. Stay alive as long as you can and beat all your friends to become the highest scorer in the world. Are you ready to become #1 in the world? Download Attacking Birds vs Scared Piggies now and save Mr Piggie from the danger!
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