Aufregung im Affengehege
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Attention: This series of interactive books for children are in German language and for education purpose available internationally!

The exciting adventures of the most famous elephant on the world are now collected as the “Benjamin Blümchen - Zoogeschichten”. The resident of the Neustadt Zoo is a very helpful and devoted friend. Every day he gets involved in the new experiences and slips into various roles. He is learning new jobs or discovering distant places.

Books are dedicated to both children and their parents. The adventures are read by a professional speaker and can also be recorded read by a parent. Every page contains sounds and animations to discover which makes the books even more interesting for the kids.

The physical books have been sold million times in Germany and are known as the brand for kids and families over the past 35 years.

This is one of the five Benjamin Blümchen stories. Download more free apps and make yourself familiar with Benjamin’s world!

- Playful insight into German culture
- Play & learn app for your kid
- Numerous interactive features to discover on every page of the book
- „Read it to me” or „Read it myself” mode
- Audio recording function for self-reading
- Educational illustrations
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