Genre Action -> Arcade
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Date N/A
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Enter into a seemingly lifeless wasteland; a strange robot of unknown origin. You have no recollection of your past or your program. Upon your awakening you're attacked by an intelligent network of machines which seem to be part of a central system. Desperately trying to maintain your depleting energy levels, you must battle your way through a barrage of robots, absorbing their energy as you advance.

Fight through a robotic world to discover the truth behind the wasted state of the planet.
Endure intense rounds followed by challenging machine boss battles to advance through different stages of the ruined world. Build up your arsenal of weapons, armor, boosters, and special items by creating them out of dropped parts. Tread forward as you strive to survive in this epic struggle!


+ Unique motion controls which allows for fluid and intuitive movement.
+ Distinct art style.
+ Randomized weapon/item stats.
+ Facebook connection.
+ Frequent updates!
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