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In SweetLand,there are ice-cream,candy,sugar,cold drink everywhere.There lives a spirit with only one tail who is called ice-monk.When he waves his tail,he can fly,the faster he waves,the higher he flys.He likes to eat sweet-food and splits them in form of sweet ice consecutively like machine-gun.
The mission is to keep your fingers on the trace of the ice that ice-monk splits to block them,so the ice is chipped and dissolves in the sea,and the sea becomes sweet!All people in the world could enjoy soft-drink!
The game contains 4 models,and some ways to play such as "limit time","limit lives" in each model.Each model also contains "rain time","snow time","circle time" for you to enjoy some other touch-feelings. No In-App Purchase and advertisement.
do not forget to rewarm fingers after play.Now Let's liberate our fingers!
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