Bank Heist RoadRunner Escape Run FREE : Full Throttle on Brasil Rio City Outback Road
Genre Sport -> Racing
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Date N/A
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Bank Heist RoadRunner Escape Drive Pro: Full Throttle on Brasil City Outback Road

Ever dreamed of being part of a grand bank heist and escaping without getting caught? Well, your dream has come true only
this time you're chased down the outback roads in Brasil with full throttle!
Are you a speed junkie that can't live a day without racing thrills? If yes, this is the perfect game for you!
Feel the adrenaline rush while getting away in your extremely pimped rided ride! Drive through the uncharted depths of Brasil Outbacks!
Collect coins and unlock other cars and powerups! Get the special IAP pro mode to never die on the road and to turn into an unstoppable smash-everything force of destruction!
This breathtaking and highly detailed game blows the mittens off most racing games!

Proove your superiority and don't let them catch you! Your mission is to escape and survive the high-speed chase!
It's addictive gameplay offers an unforgettable experience and looks as good as it plays!


*Awesome graphics & sound
*Addictive gameplay
*Special IAP Pro mode - use it and never die on the road
*Cool cars

Finding a racing game that will have you play for hours is difficult, but fear not because you've found the perfect game!
"Bank Heist RoadRunner Escape Drive Pro: Full Throttle on Brasil City Outback Road" has everything that you're looking for.
Great cars, awesome music, incredible graphics and on top of that highly addictive gameplay makes you feel a new type of racing experience.
We hope you'll enjoy this game as much as we did while making it so please share, comment and leave feedback at our official facebook page!
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