Bass Tap Fast - Bass tabs fast on the genetic basis of absolute pitch.
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Let's study on the genetic basis of absolute pitch.
Do you have Perfect Pitch?

The ability to identify musical notes without any absolute pitch as a reference?
Try this game for perfect pitch and find out.
And you can play bass.

If you have confidence in perfect pitch,Challenge this game.
You can check your perfect pitch.

If perfect pitch has confidence, please compete with other players in a game center.
It's free game. so you can try it.

* Contents
1 First hear Bass sound.
2 Carry out the tap of the fret for the same turn as the sound which sounded.
3 In the case of a correct answer, go to the next stage.
4 Please carry out the tap of the fret in the turn same in the case of an inaccurate solution as the sound which sounded again.
5 The time taken into 10 games serves as a score.
6 Please answer as soon as possible and compete with other players for a short time.

* Request
Please contact a review and support about ? request.
About an affair with many ? requests, I will consider mounting.
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