Battle Dinosaur Riders Multiplayer
Genre Sport -> Racing
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This game now has Multiplayer support!
Have fun with friends!

It is the time of the Dinosaurs.
Cavemen have befriended some dinosaurs.

Every child born gets a baby Dinosaur as a
lifelong campanion and friend..

Dino and child form an unbreakbale bond.
They hunt, fight, and work together.

Download Battle Dinosaur Riders Multiplayer today!

Join the adventures of Battle Dinosaur Riders as they
battle and fight their way through the valley.

Fast paced action and fun!

-Endless game play, beat your highest score!

-360 Shooter type game play.

-Use your dino to charge and fend off T-Rex other dangerous predators.

-Beware of falling boulders!

-Beautiful graphics, sounds and music.

-Play with friends or others

Have hours of fun running and fighting in a timeless valley.

Become a Battle Dinosaur Rider today!

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