Genre Action -> Adventure
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Date N/A
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Blind Date Bait, a campy horror puzzle game that tells the tale of a deadly blind date!
You play as Chad Thompson, a guy just trying to meet someone on a dating website. Play through the date and meetup with Lorie, who knows the way to a abandoned cabin. Impress her with your skills to advance!

In Act 2 you get separated from your date, but find the cruddy cabin. It looks abandoned, there are bars on the windows, but this is no bother for our love seeker Chad. Lorie is leaving love notes guiding you. It feels like you're being watched but no one is around. What could Lorie be planning?

In Act 3 find out what happens in the basement of the cabin!
How will it end?
What will happen to Chad and Lorie?
Everything is not as it seems.

- Gray-scale graphics for that retro feel!
- Original script/score/sound effects!
- Mini-game puzzles to test your wits!
- Includes all three Acts!
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