Bears catching salmon
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Bear KUMASSU loves honey so much.
However, he is too afraid of bees to get honey by himself.

So, he came up with an idea of catching salmon in the river and exchange them with honey.

■Easy to play!!
-Just keep catching salmon running up the river
-Flick salmon to the left and Flick others to the right
-Catch as much salmon as you can before KUMASS is drained of his strength.

If KUMASS catches ARAMAKI salmon, ARAMAKI TIME starts!
As a fellow bear throws one ARAMAKI salmon after another, it's a big opportunity for combos!

■Honey Bonus
Although KUMASSU is aftraid of bees, he is fine with just one bee.
KUMASS's strength recovers a little bit when he beats a bee crossing the screen.

■Golden Salmon
If he catches Golden Salmon, you will get a collection item!
Let's check the picture book to see your collection!

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