Bejeweled Unicorns vs Glam Witch - Fashion Mania Story by Best Top Free Games
Genre Strategy -> Puzzle
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Glam Witches have been the scourge of the earth for so long, its amazing nobody has pitted them against their natural enemies, Bejeweled Unicorns for a good old-fashioned jewel-stomping!

Sizzle Entertainment is all about firsts, and that’s why we are bringing you Bejeweled Unicorns VS. Glam Witches! You can now fire high-velocity jewels from a unicorn’s horn to turn those pesky Glam Witches into pink powderpuffs! Of course, all this play takes place in an imaginary land of lovely castles because the last thing we want to do is cause nightmares!

-Fabulous Jewels!
-Fashionable Witches!
-Gamecenter Enabled

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