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Belongo is an amazingly simple game.

By the way, there is a question: Which one of the following four is the thing that belongs to "animals"?

A. Celery
B. Forklift
C. Clarinet
D. Lion

Of course, the answer is D.

In this way, Belongo is the game to pick out a word which belongs to a specified group from 4 choices.
The point is that how quickly you can answer the questions which come in one after another.
Your depth of knowledge, judgment abilities and reflexes will be tested.

If you think it's as easy as pie, please try.
Maybe this is tougher than you imagine!

* 3 game modes
-In "Championship" mode, player choose the words in specified themes for each stage.
-In "Quickdraw" mode, player answer as many questions as he/she can in a limited time frame.
-In "Duel" mode, two players compete with each other in answering the same question at a time.
* Contains over 2,5000 words
* English / Japanese language support (Good for improving your language skills!)
* Game Center leaderboards
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