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==== VERSION 2 ====
What's news:
* More enemies.
* More difficult.
* Instant Shop to distribute your character.
* Excellent gameplay.
* And so much more.


Best Shooter is the best choice for who love football and action games. You control soccer to beat enemies.
Messi(Ronaldo, Rooney)is on the way to find the trophies "the best shooter" in the World, face challengers from many fields like soccer, boxing, baseball, karate, football. They become crazy and dangerous to stop your character. Not in the stadium, not in field, instead of the Ghost city.

Try to run more distance, destroy more enemies and receive more trophies and awards.

You should use your player with his technique-skill, try to jump higher and shoot faster and stronger as possible.
In the road, you run through many stages, beauty-spot.

Each enemy has his skills, weapons to harm you, you have to deal with many situations with your two fingers and a quick-action head. Game require quick action,preeminent ability to escape enemies'weapon and their tricks.


* Support retina display and iphone 5, Game center.
* Easy but challenging gameplay.
* Many type of challengers with many dangerous skills.
* Famous players come into action.
* The most exciting battles you have never experienced.
* Action-sport game come with brilliant design and audio.


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