Big Fortune Cookies: Valentine's Edition
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How’s your Love Life looking? Is Cupid paying you a visit? A Valentine’s Fortune Cookie app with colorful cookie varieties and Zen-like music. Thousands of Fortunes with Lucky Numbers randomly displayed.

Plenty of romantic fortunes for Valentine’s Day! Basically, any day of the year, become enlightened with a mix of romantic, humorous, motivational, contemplative, Zen and general fortunes.

Fortune Cookies: Valentine’s Edition features-
•Choose from 6 different types of fortune cookies: Original, Pink, Red, Chocolate Dipped, Hearts, and White Chocolate!

•2 different backgrounds depending on chosen cookie.

•Relaxing, calming, stimulating music to get you through the day.

•Pull apart the cookie with fingers, Hear Crunch, and Voila- Fortune Revealed!

•Tap “New Cookie” to start over again or tap “Home” icon to choose a different type of fortune cookie!

•Random fortunes displayed after cookie broken in half.

•Email fortunes to friends and family, and make their day.

Share your wisdom with us; we’re open to future suggestions. Thanks for supporting Fortune Cookies: Valentine’s Edition!
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