Bit Collision
Genre Action -> Arcade
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From the up-and-coming Laldie company comes the 1st of its FREE to Play, Ad Free line of games on the App Store. Hold on tight and tilt your way through the galaxy to avoid smashing into crazy radioactive meteorites. Start off slow, pick your pace then gradually and manually increase the game's difficulty by spawning more meteorites into space. Compare your Time multiplied by your bravery for summoning Meteorites and be the best tilt slinger among your friends!


◊ Support for the iPhone 5's 4-inch retina screen
◊ Tilt to live! Utilise your phone's accelerometer to avoid meteorites
◊ 5 important lives -- preserve them at all costs
◊ Touch to spawn meteorites
◊ Fantastic space-age visuals!
◊ Chill soundtrack
◊ Slow-paced, or fast-paced -- it's your call
◊ Support your indie devs; optional donation options available
◊ Performance MODs available for older iPhone models for a comparatively smooth experience
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