Blabber Mouths
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Gather 'round to witness the tale of Maurice and his MANY MOUTHS!!!

On his journey to bring laughs to kids everywhere, Maurice gathered 25 of the silliest mouth’s he could find so that YOU can spend hours, days, weeks, or even years, laughing with your friends! And if that weren’t enough…Maurice also discovered "Silly Voice” along the way. Silly Voice allows you to change your voice to be as high as a chipmunk, or as low as a lion, with many different variations in between!

With so many variations of voices and mouths to choose from, Blabber Mouths (like it’s users) never gets old! ...And that’s a good thing!

Blabber Mouths is also for Adults and here’s why:

★ This app is literally one-of-a-kind!

★ Among the smoothest and most responsive of available mouth apps!

★ Change your mouth to one of Maurice's in a matter of seconds!

★ Enjoy recording and changing the sound of your voice with Silly Voice!

★ No pesky advertisements to get in your way!

★ Oh yes…and you’ll have fun after a long, hard day’s work!
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