Black Money Ops - Hidden Object Puzzle
Genre Strategy -> Puzzle
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Black Money Ops is a hidden object game diving into the world of forensic accounting.

As Agent Banks, you must investigate money laundering schemes across a number of countries and locations. You'll recover secret documents, confiscate cash, and destroy the enemy terrorist cells by taking away their money.

Stop the Money and Help Win the War on Terror!

In collaboration with professional forensic accountants and Non-Governmental Organizations across the world, Black Money Ops is a hidden object puzzle game where you collect evidence to build your case against corrupt government officials, warlords, and arms dealers.

Proceeds for Black Money Ops go towards raising awareness around corruption and extreme poverty. Thank you for your support! Find more information at:

Beat each challenging level before time runs out and you are caught.

**Mission 1 is available now, with more FREE missions coming soon!**

Key Game Features Include:
- Stunning illustration
- Challenging puzzles
- Intense game play
- Full retina display support
- Based on real-world events and people
- A fantastic glimpse into the world of corruption and greed

Universal Game for:
- iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5S, 5C
- iPad 2, 3, and Mini
- iPod Touch 5
- iOS 6 or greater

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