Genre Strategy -> Puzzle
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Blocbuster is a mind-bending, block-pushing puzzler that’ll keep you entertained for hours! It’s made up from beautiful graphics and lush backgrounds, and a wonderful soundtrack to go with it. In order to complete each level, you must think carefully on where boxes must be placed in order for them to be destroyed but hurry, time is against you!
Journey through 35 levels exciting scenarios and settings await you, where you must face different puzzles to solve that gradually increase in difficulty each time a new feature is introduced including such Key Features:
•Impassable Areas
•Colour-Coded Doors
•Pressure Pads
•lots more!

You can also gain trophies for each level which can be replayed over and over until you obtain Gold. All scores you gain are uploaded onto Game Centre where they can be compared with your friends!
Think you have what it takes? Then bring on the challenges!
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