Bomb Me
Genre Action -> Adventure
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★Among the best popular, the cutest, most female players favored shooting online game at the same time.

★The most exciting, the most fun, No.1 shooting online game.

★Sport mode! Survive mode! Reborn mode! Hard to know friend and foe.

★Ride the adventure spacecraft, defeat the boss, the massive treasure all yours.

★Wedding hall will be opened, hand in hand together, tide over the romantic game.

★Upgrade system, own the most powerful weapon, unique skills, compete for the top one shooter in the world.

★The honor! Show off your strength.

★Dazzling and amazing wings, you will be the focused figure in the game.

★The new exchange system, there are many surprises.

★The new guild system, call on more like-minded friends to create a history of the strongest guild.

★Free download, diamond spree for registration! Let’s feel the pleasure of shooting at boys and girls.

★Abandoning virtual touch-tone operation, adopting the angry bird type simple operation, men and women, the old and young are easy to fit in.

★Supporting six people online at the same time , fighting by sigle or in team.The joy is boundless.

★A variety of weapons with different attack effects , many suits of dazzling beautiful clothing equipments, becoming fashion plates to lead the vogue tide.

★To join in Bomb Me, face to face with global players' challenge! Blood boiling wars, win the best shooter! Let the world hotties admire you! The world first sniper king glory will belong to you!

The multi-player online shooting social game.
The most beautiful girls playing shooting game.
The first fee-free mobile game with high returning.
Tens of thousands of new weapons and equipments allow you to easily become king of the strong.
Characteristic fairy tale costumes, becoming a famous fairy tale characters is no longer a dream.

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