Boom Boom Pa
Genre Strategy -> Puzzle
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Date N/A
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Three key can control all ~ my world let me - a mysterious box planet!
The vast universe a corner, there is a mysterious magic box star, here is a lot of magic and magical land, they keep call! Call! Call you! Until you come.
You only need to touch the three different color button, you can play with your friends together, to travel! To fight! Here, you can each other competitive fight it out, also can fight shoulder to shoulder with adventure!
Along with you to the tips of your fingers on the screen and herself, you have control of the game role will follow you running jump, in our construction for you in the world to the top of one's bent soar!
Though we refuse to boring boring, but our game but super simple operation. You will be in simple operation to realize smooth play box in the infinite fun - and in this full of magic place, deeper ~ cannot extricate oneself!
BoomBoomPa in the game will be constantly updated! You will be the first time, more novel, experience with exciting game!

The game features
- super simple operation.
- stimulate resistance to play three color key touch game.
- has many lovely role and cool ornaments
- nearly kinds of game props and game rewards for you to choose.
- updated continuously, wonderful constantly! leading the game new experience!
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