Booooly2 for Kakao
Genre Strategy -> Puzzle
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Date N/A
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♣'Booooly2' has been changed finally at Kakao Talk game center.
♣Pang!Pang! fever mode and X2 mode that popped cool.
♣Only 1:1 matching play among the Kakao games.

When all people make square puzzle, we made round little Booooly.
As a result, this game is global hit game ever now.
It's the very game 'Booooly!' who had come out numerous imitation game
has been out ahead again.
The most evolutional puzzle game existing in puzzle game.
'Booooly2' is now available!!

★Playing game★
■ Pang!Pang! How cute~! Booooly! Booooly!
Very cute and lovely Booooly!!
So, blast them when 4 or more boooolies are sticking together consecutively.

If you touch when 3 or more boooolies are sticking together, you may blast them.
And the act of blasting when 4 or more boooolies are sticking together is called 'Booooly!'
More and more consecutive Booooly, you can get the Combo Bonus! Pang!Pang!

■ I'm on the top at Ranking of star! Single Player!
You can compete with Kakao Talk friends in real time at Ranking of star.

[The secret to gain higher score]
1.Touching 4 or more boooolies are sticking together! It's Combo!
2.Completing mission fastly. when the mission completes, the 'X2 mode STARTS! Double score in that time.
3.Consecutive Booooly makes the 'Fever mode'. You can get high score.
And then, keep the 'Fever mode' for a long time.

■ 1:1 real matching play, multiplayer!
Online multiplayer with friends from all over the world at any time, and anywhere.

■ The winning strategy in 8 kinds of special items!
You can use upgraded items forever!

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