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Get ready to take aim and sort the falling cute animals by species! In Boop's physically simulated world, animals of the same species stick together helping you form the biggest possible groups. The larger the group is, the more points you will get when you tap it to clear it!

But be carefull! You will fail if you let too much time run out without collecting Boop's cute animals, or if too many animals fill up the world.

Boop fully supports the stunning iPad's retina displays and the new iPhone 5 and iPod's beautiful 4 inch displays with pixel perfect graphics.

Boop's features:
- A quick and EASY tutorial that gets you right into the action.
- 48 addictive levels.
- 16 endless levels to test the limits of your abilities. How many stars can you get?
- 6 unique round shaped CUTE animals.
- 4 life saving power ups, including cosmically powerfull implosions!
- Engaging music and awesome sound effects.
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