Borderlands Legends
Genre Action -> Action
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Borderlands Legends Update Trailer (HD)
8.59MB - 70 downloads - 7 February, 2013

- When killed, enemies can now drop Guns as loot - New Sniper Mode feature allows Mordecai to focus and deliver a high powered shot at enemies - Rare and powerful Eridian Weapons have been added - New enemy types and mini bosses added - Improved movement controls and pathfinding - Night Versions of the Wasteland maps are now available - Gun Brands will now display in the shop - Improved Visual Effects - iPad Mini support added - Game Center support added

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Borderlands Legends Launch Trailer (HD)
10.98MB - 90 downloads - 31 October, 2012

In Borderlands Legends, players control their favorite vault hunters from the original Borderlands – Brick, Mordecai, Lilith and Roland – while fending off relentless waves of Skags, Bandits, Psychos, Bruisers and other enemies. Intuitive, touch-based commands allow for easy control of the vault hunters, while an easy to navigate menu system makes inventory and skill tree management a breeze for anyone with an iOS device. Maps are randomized with different strategic cover options, meaning no two missions will play out the same way. With bazillions of randomly generated weapons, shields and utilities to purchase and dozens of skills and abilities to unlock, Borderlands Legends delivers the franchise’s familiar role-playing elements with a new layer of strategy.

play Borderlands Legends Launch Trailer (HD) download Borderlands Legends Launch Trailer (HD)