Bouncers Journey
Genre Action -> Adventure
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Bouncer’s Journey is an exciting video game that is taking the gaming world by storm.

The aim of the game is to FREE the terrified balls from ‘Roboto’ the Evil Carnival Master, who has subjected them to a life of slavery in his traveling carnival.

You FREE the balls by bouncing them off one of the sidewalls, in order to get them through holes in the opposing wall. When one ball goes through a hole in the wall, that hole closes.

The bigger the ball through the smaller the hole the greater the points. Balls fired through moving holes get more points. The faster you finish a level, the more points you receive. The less balls you use to close the holes the more points you get.

But you got to hurry. On each successive level, the holes get smaller, moving obstacles get in the way, and the time you have gets shorter and shorter.

Your final score is added to an international leaderboard where you are compared against the best players in the world.

Happy Bouncing,

The Bouncer’s Journey Team
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