Brain Power - Gangnam Style Edition
Genre Strategy -> Puzzle
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Test Your Memory in Gangnam way! *** Free for Limited Time Only ***

Classic game to test your memory. Memorize the sequence played by the game and repeat it. The faster you tap the sequence, the higher is your scores. Climb yourself up the leaderboards and challenge your friends.

Have you ever noticed that people always complain about their memories but almost never about their minds? Memory plays a great role in our life and sometimes it is more important than intellect.

Good memory will not only simplify studying some foreign language or science but will also serve you in everyday life. It will help you to avoid unpleasant situations when you forgot about some important event or cannot recollect the necessary phone number. Finally, if you have a good memory your life becomes happier.

Some people were born with phenomenal memory and others can train it and achieve great results. There is no bad memory we just do not train it.

This game is here to test your memory. The game rule is very simple:

* Remember and repeat

We'll show you a sequence that takes place on the game scene (4x4 squares). Simply memorize the sequence and repeat it.

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