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- Exercise your brain with Brainmemoria. This app is packed with 12 mini-games to help you train your working memory, improve focus and concentration.
- Brainmemoria will allow you to challenge your memory. Test your long term and short term memory with various challenging games.
- Your memory will be challenged on various levels. Try to become the memory master with this app.
- With easy-to-use interface, progress tracking, music - Brainmemoria will help you entertain and have fun while exercising your brain.
- 12 different mini-games (11 games and 1 daily test)
- More than 150 levels to play.
- Track your progress.
#How To Play
- Match up: flip two identical cards to find a match
- Find the stars: tap to flip the cards to find the stars
- Numbers memory: remember the given numbers then tap each card in their corresponding numbers ascending order
- No-signs: open the cards that are not no signs
- The new one: Tap to select the card that has not appeared before
- Find it: Memorize the flipping card then tap the card that is matched with it
- Eagle eye: Tap to find the original positions of the disappeared objects
- Sequence memory: Remember the sequence of cards then repeat the sequence by tapping the cards in the correct order
- Number recall: Memorize the given number then tap to choose the correct answer
- Sequence memory 2: Watch the sequence of cards then tap the cards to repeat the sequence
- Find it 2: Remember the order then tap to open the cards that are matched with it.
- Daily test: Exercise your memory everyday with 4 different mini-games;
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