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BLINQ now gives your kids their very own ‘body buddy’ – a playful and instinctive way to learn what their bodies are made of and how they function.

My Body contains simple anatomy-based games and puzzles for children between 3 and 9 years, all illustrated with colorful, easy-to-understand drawings and amusing yet realistic sounds. It has the simple charm that kids love.

My Body features include:
- Games and puzzles for major body parts and functions
- Up to three levels of play
- Memory challenge
- Fun facts
- Face generator
- Build your own body
- Child-friendly interface
- Guaranteed smell-free!

Kids can build working skeletons or identify and position major organs. They’ll soon pick up key basics like food digestion, blood circulation and even how the brain works! Fun facts pop up all the time. Play and learning are combined as only BLINQ knows how.

There’s even a memory game to challenge their powers of recall. And, of course, they can build their very own bodies – and take, save and mail snapshots of their creations! Boost your kids’ awareness of how their body works. It’s a sound start to a strong and healthy life!

From the producers of the highly-acclaimed Miny Moe Car, My Body is the first in a series of BLINQ Brains apps for children. There’s no stress or high scores to beat, no in-app purchases and no third-party advertising.

Just fun and games all the way. Play that body!
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