Brave Rabbits
Genre Action -> Arcade
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Date N/A
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The Brave Rabbits are in Danger. A pack of scary tigers have invaded their island: Island of Happy Rabbits. The Tigers are moving fast and have already started attacking them. The Rabbits are in peril. They must act fast and exterminate these Tigers to reclaim their island. Receive awesome powers as Brave Rabbits when you unlock each level.

This iPhone game is a battle between the Brave Rabbits and Scary Tigers. The game is split into three seasons. If you want to win, you have to kill all the tigers in each stage. Each level requires logic, skill, and force to solve.

* If all of the tigers are destroyed by the time the last rabbit is used, the level is complete
* Points are scored for each destroyed tiger
* Points are also scored for each destroyed plank
* Bonus points are scored for any unused rabbits

Player must use two strategies to aim and throw the rabbits in the tiger den
* Angle
* Force

Season 1 - Brave Rabbit Hunters
* The Tigers are creating a havoc. To battle them, the rabbits have normal brown rabbits as well as black rabbits that cause greater damage.
* The Tigers are destroyed when hit by rabbits, planks, or when they fall from a height. The Tigers have only glass as protection, So hurry, destroy them!

Season 2 - Revenge of the Tigers
* The rabbits have brand new abilities. Blue rabbits split up into multiple rabbits and white rabbits speed up when touched in mid-air.
* The Tigers are angry this time, they are seeking revenge. This time they have special armor to protect them and are more resistant to damage than before.

Season 3 - Brave Rabbits VS Scary Tigers
* The tigers have amazing power upgrades as you progress further! They throw bombs into the air to destroy incoming rabbits.
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