Brick Breaker Warz
Genre Action -> Arcade
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Brick Breaker Warz is a competitive two player brick breaker and pong blend. The best power-ups of the originals, plus some cool new ones like black hole for added mayhem and a twist of fun!?!
Play through the infinitely random possibilities, as our color engine creates unique color designs on the fly. No two levels are the same across any of the iOS devices. All devices get a completely custom game play environment built around that device's specific dimensions and resolution. Come join in the fray and PWN YOUR FRIENDS!
-brick breaker rejuvenated
-2 player head-to-head combat
-fast-paced competitive gameplay
-completely random environment creation
-17+ power-ups and power-downs
-realtime physics engine
-universal app
So grab a friend and get BREAKIN'!!!
Issue with our app? Suggestions for a new level or power-up? - Please send us an email:
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