Buddha Finger Free
Genre Action -> Arcade
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Date N/A
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Date N/A
Publisher N/A
Description AWESOME CASUAL FUN ACTION GAME – if you can count to 10, you’ll love this game :)
They say! "fiendishly addictive!" & "A cross between Twister, Fruit Ninja & BopIt!"
One of Virgin Media Games Top 12 Smartphone Games of 2012; featured in the App Store's Incredible Indie Game collection.

Try before you buy - Play the first 5 levels of our totally awesome game Buddha Finger for FREE!

Part twitch action and part beat ‘em up, challenge your reflexes as you use an ancient kung-fu pressure point attack to tap, touch, swipe and spin your way to victory.

* Fast, fun pick up ‘n’ play action – touch, tap, swipe and spin pressure points in order against the clock to beat enemies!
* Deep score system – multipliers & “super-time” bonuses, analogue based on your speed & accuracy – no two players will get the same score!
* Action packed comedy storyline weaved through 61 levels and featuring Bosses and Special Characters!
* Unique visual style with full screen sized enemies and bucket loads of visual effects!
* Funky 70’s and 80′s inspired soundtrack!
* Intuitive, accessible and addictive- if you can count to 10, you’ll love playing this game :)

Your quiet life as a martial arts fan-boy is turned upside down when you meet Shifu, a kung fu master who reveals you have a long-lost twin brother: An Interpol agent who has mysteriously disappeared while hot on the trail of shadowy crime boss, “The Man”. Shifu sends you to the 80s-inspired Hong Kong where you’ll use an ancient martial art technique – the “Buddha Finger”- to rescue your brother and defeat a host of enemies, bosses and special characters through 61 levels of action-packed fun.

Pick up ‘n’ play gameplay with a deep scoring system that rewards skilled players, this game is suitable for everyone over the age of 12!

"Some games are so addictive that you spend your time away from them thinking about them, possibly even dreaming about them. Buddha Finger is one of those games…the kind of game that will draw you in and never let you go."
* Gamezebo 5* Review: Emma Boyes

"This is great! It’s s really unusual idea, one of those, ‘I wish I’d thought of that’ type things. It’s kinda like a cross between Twister, Fruit Ninja and BopIt!"
* Gaming till Disconnected: Becky Jowsey

"Graphics are Awesome, gameplay is addictive, 5 Stars from iLoveAppStore! … Appeals to all ages, and if you like Tiny Wings and Temple Run then you will love this! Go and buy it"
* I Love App Store

"…stringing together multiple movements (speed and accuracy are the keys here) genuinely does feel like some kind of graceful martial art."
* Padvance: Harry Slater

“The feel of a Wario or Bishi Bashi mini-game and the crucial touch UI is wonderfully implemented.”
* Guardian Online Games Blog: Keith Stuart

As seen in the 2012 Eurogamer Expo Indie Game Arcade, and at Gamecity 7.
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